Best Curling Irons in India 2018


In this day and age, the desire for curled hair is increasing as fashion changes from the need to have perfectly straight hair, to the desire for many types of curls. May it be tight short curls or long golden waves the need for a curling iron seems to be on the increase.

Therefore it is becoming more and more essential for people to buy the perfect curling iron that is great value for money and cater for the needs of every type of hairstyle. This can be a very difficult task as there are many designs at many different prices and it can be hard to choose the right set without making a mistake.

What to look for when buying a Curling Iron?

When searching for the best curling irons in India you have a few decisions to make. The first one would be how much you wanted to pay. You can get very good curling irons for around Rs 1500 -Rs 2000. However would these irons last very long and would they be built with the specifications to generate enough heat? Therefore it might be beneficial to spend a little bit more money on irons that would last a little bit longer and have a more suitable design. Another issue with design is if they are comfortable enough for long use or do they cause ache in your hand and arm during use. You can buy curling irons that are built using light weight materials and have rubber hand grips to solve this problem.

You should also consider how useful each different model is. For instance, a curling iron with different settings and temperatures would be more useful for different hair styles than a simple iron with no extra features. Within this area, you should also make sure it has a feature that tames frizz as this can be a problem when trying to style different types of hair.

How to use a Curling Iron?

If you have never used a curling iron before, it can be quite difficult to get the hang of. Therefore it would be beneficial to try it out before settling on a style, whether for a night out or just a normal day event. It is important to use protection spray on hair as you are applying a substantial amount of heat and your hair could split or burn.

These irons can be used for many different types and styles. One tip that is found to be very beneficial for first time users is that the size of section of hair used on the iron is dependent on the size of curl you want. For example if you want tight curls, you should use a small section of hair on the iron and wrap it tight. If you want wide loose curls, you should use a larger selection of hair and leave it wrapped around the iron quite loosely.

It is very important to note that after using the curling iron it should be left to cool before storing. This is because the irons can get very hot and can burn surfaces or materials quite easily.

Top Curling Irons in India

Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret
Conair Infiniti Pro Curl SecretInfiniti pro curl secret is easy to use and perhaps the best curling iron. It makes getting extraordinary curls so easy. Infiniti Curl secret is different from other curling iron as it heats your hair on all sides and retains your style better. Advantage of using this curling iron is there’s no wear and tear on your shoulders and this tool is quiet safe; you won’t suffer from finger burn. Infiniti Pro Curl Secret uses latest tourmaline ceramic technology that reduces frizz and protects your hair from damage. It can be used for all hair lengths and types. To create the best curls, the manual suggests that you wash, dry and comb through your hair first. The curler takes about a minute to heat up when you first turn it on. When it is ready, you grab a section of hair and place it into the mechanism. Unlike standard curling wands, the heated element is encased so it is virtually impossible to burn yourself while using it


  • Two temperature settings and three clock settings
  • Tourmaline ceramic technology
  • Audio bleep indicator for the various curl modes and a heat ready indicator
  • Feature sleep mode and energy-efficient auto power reduction
  • Safety tangle-free feature
  • Programmable styler which allows you to create well-defined curls or free-flowing, natural waves
  • Motion detector
  • Works on all hair types and textures. All ethnicity
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Babyliss C525E Curling Iron
Babyliss C525E Curling Iron Babyliss C525E Curling Iron creates beautiful styles while eliminating frizz with the ceramic curling iron. The multiple settings give you versatile styling, too. I-Temperature Technology ensures that the curling iron is rapidly heated and ready for use and that the temperature remains constant during the application. So save yourself and your hair styling several passages. Full customization of every hair type and styling desired temperature in 10 steps between 100 and 200 ° C can be set. Read More


  • i-temperature technology maximum 200 degree centigrade
  • Professional ceramic intense coating
  • Classic curling iron of 25 millimeters
  • Temperature settings with LCD
  • Features on and off switch, ventilated cool tip, built in stand and swivel cord
  • 3 years manufacturer’s warranty from the date of purchase
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Torlen TOR CS05 28 mm Hair Curler
 The Torlen TOR CS05 28mm Hair Curler is sure to make your life easier when it comes to styling your hair perfectly. With several features, this curler allows you to try out new hairstyles which won’t require much effort on your part. As this curler comes with ceramic barrel coating, you can be rest assured about your hair being smooth and soft after styling. Furthermore, the ceramic coating helps seal your cuticle and restore the moisture and natural oils present in your hair. Adding to this, the coating prevents damage to your hair and snagging. The soft rubberized material of this curler allows you to hold the unit comfortably and with much ease while you are styling your hair. Read More


  • Ceramic Barrel Coating
  • Fast and Instant Heat
  • 2 Heat Setting
  • Swivel Cord
  • Soft Rubberized Material
  • Lightweight Design
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