Best Essential Oils in India


Essential oils are products prepared from flowers by distillation with water or by mechanical processing of the epicarp of the citrus fruit or by dry distillation. Since these essential oils are volatile they are used for therapeutic treatment. An oil is said to be essential in the sense it has a distinctive smell of the plant from whose product it is prepared.

The essential oils are prepared naturally and since no chemicals are used which can lead to irritation of the skin. On the other hand they only help us to relax, revive and re energize ourselves.

There are various kinds of essential oils found in the market. And so is their importance. Many of the essential oils have medicinal value and are used in the treatment of a particular disease. Example – Clove oil is used for tooth ache. The treatment from essential oil ranges from treatment of tooth ache to treatment of cancer. However such claims are put under strict regulation.

Best Essential Oils in India 2018

Tips for first-time buyers of essential oils

Essential oil is a natural product prepared from the plant products. The pure essential oil also benefits our mind, body and spirit. If you want to buy the therapeutic aromatherapy product for healing, delighting and inspiring you then you have to buy those oils which are pure.pure essential oils By pure essential oil I mean that oil which is not using the chemicals and is not diluted. The essential oil should pass the following criteria if it is to be called a pure essential oil.

1. Quality: They should have gone through distillation only once and contain all the healing properties. They should also be highly concentrated.

2. Natural: They should be natural, undiluted without any usage of chemicals or alcohol.

Selecting the essential oil from the whole range available in the market will be really difficult but is essential too. It is important to take note of the purity, quality, and price of the essential oil you purchase. Pure essential oil is costly when compared to the blended ones. This pure essential oil is also used an alternative medicine as due to the sweet fragrance they leave a psychological impact on the user’s mind and body.

There are many companies which proclaim that they manufacture and sell Pure Essential oil. You can also buy them online directly through the internet and avail the products at your door steps.

Points to remember when you buy the essential oil:
Even when there are many companies which claim to sell pure essential oil you must be sure whether the products you buy are worth its price as some companies try to sell the blended ones as pure products. In order to check the purity of the essential oil look into the following points.

1. The concentration level of the oil – All the pure essential oil will be concentrated and not flow down like water.

2. The history of the company – you can look into the past records of the company and have a talk with the previous consumers to check the reliability of the company regarding the purity of the oil.

3. Do not go into the attractive advertisement given out by the companies. Look into the composition of the product and the ingredients list given in the label and also the method of preparation if given.

Essential Oils Uses

Due to the advanced research work done on the essential oil, it is now days put to use in various different aspects. Essential oil if properly used has a natural, balanced affect on the body. essential oils uses As it has a sweet fragrance leaves a psychological effect on the body and should be used sparingly.

Before delving into the essential oils uses we must look into its background of how we obtain them. Many plants contain volatile substance in them which we extract as essential oil. These oils have a healing capacity. Some of them have antiseptic quality while some have stimulating or smoothing quality. The quality of the oil depends upon the quality of the plant, time of harvesting of the product and the method of preparation and storing of the oil.

According to the healing capacity of the oil different oil is put into use for different purpose. It is not only used in aromatherapy but also in preparing various types of products like natural skin care, environmentally cleaning your home, aromatherapy perfumes and is put into use for many more purpose.

Proper usage:
Essential oil being concentrated should not be used or applied directly on the body. It should be diluted with the base oil and applied externally on the body. They are highly volatile and should be stored in an air tight container. They should be kept out of the reach of the children. There are three common ways of benefiting from the essential oils uses:

1. Massaging: It is the oldest method of using the essential oil. In this method, the essential oil is blended with the base oil and then massaged on the whole body. It leaves you stimulated and energetic.

2. Vaporization: This is a common usage. It helps in release of the fragrance into air and there by helps in treatment of common cold. The oil is put into steaming water and the oil is added to it. The fragrance is then inhaled to get the maximum effect. Humidifiers can also be used by placing essential oil in it.

3. Use in Bath: Use a few drops of essential oil in the bath and have a dip in ht e water. This will make you feel fresh through out the day. You have to ensure that the oil is completely dissolved in water.

Essential Oils for Hair

Hair has been a source of pride for women since the very early days. They like to style their hair in different ways so as to make themselves look more beautiful. But the sad part of today is that the hair in which they had their pride begins to fall at an early age and they tend to become bald.essential oils for hair So they try out different ways through which they can keep their hair shinny, full and healthy.

The use of essential oil is very positive step taken towards preventing hair loss. But before the use of essential oil it is necessary to find out the reason for hair loss. Some of the common reasons for hair loss are improper care, lack of nutrients, high tension, split hair, excessive usage of strong chemicals, stress, medications, and hormonal changes. Your diet, illness, medication and environmental factors affect the condition of your hair. Some times due to age factor your hair may turn grey. But it is not a case to worry. It is because even after aging you can keep your hair shining and glowing by taking special care and proper use of oils and aromatherapy regularly.

You can prevent the hair loss and damage by the proper and regular usage of the essential oil. Essential oils are the natural extracts of the plant products and are highly concentrated. They should not be used or applied directly on to the hair .Doing this will get you the negative result. These oils have to be diluted with the base oil and then applied. You can make an additional hair treatment by mixing the essential oil with your shampoo or conditioner.
Different oils are used for different problems faced by the hair. Some of them are given below:

1. for oily hair which requires healthy growth –Basil oil.
2. for golden color use chamomile
3. for treating dandruff –Clary sage
4. for Scalp treatment for itchiness, dandruff, and lice use lemon or lavender or rose.
5. for treating dry scalp and under active sebaceous glands use tea tree.
6. for promoting hair growth use peppermint.
7. Arnica extract can be used to treat alopecia neurotica.
Some of the common base oil to which these essential oil can be diluted are almond oil, jasmine oil, coconut oil.



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