Best Foam Roller in India


Are you looking for a good foam roller to get that stress out of your muscles, to alleviate back pain or to use for other massaging purposes? With the huge selection of foam rollers and new brands claiming they have the best foam rollers every day it can be really confusing to decide on a good foam roller. We have personally tested the best selling foam rollers out now on the market and we have hand picked the highest quality ones so that you can find the best foam rollers to fit your needs.

Best Foam Rollers in India 2018

ProductLength (inch)Diameter (inch)RatingBuying Option
Tenstar Fitness Massage Foam Roller
Tenstar Fitness Massage Foam Roller
13 and 246Buy On Amazon
ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller
ProSource Sports Medicine Foam Roller
18 and 305Buy On Amazon
IRIS TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
IRIS TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller
13 and 266Buy On Amazon
Spinway Yoga Foam Roller
Spinway Yoga Foam Roller
38.56Buy On Amazon
Auxter massage foam roller
SAuxter massage foam roller
135.5Buy On Amazon
Inditradition FR12 Grid Foam Roller
Inditradition FR12 Grid Foam Roller
125.5Buy On Amazon
Auxter Fitness Massage Foam Roller
Auxter Fitness Massage Foam Roller
185.5Buy On Amazon

What is a Foam Roller?

In 1987 a physical therapist named Sean Gallagher started experimenting by using foam rollers as a self-massage tool, and he made Broadway dancers try it out. Quickly, foam rolling became extremely popular among the dancers as an affordable self-massage tool. Physical therapists quickly picked up on this trend and started using foam rollers on their clients.

Foam Rollers are used for self-myofascial release. Self-myofascial release is the scientific term for self-massage, and the basic aim of foam rollers is to reduce muscle tension and release ‘trigger points’ all over the body. Trigger points are basically tension points around our muscles which are very irritable and cause inflammation and inflexibility.Unexplained pains often spread from these trigger points all over the body. These points can be identified by searching for the source of the pain when applying equal pressure to an area of the body.

By self-massaging using a foam roller you are applying pressure all over the body and to these points which will aid in muscle recovery and you stimulate your muscles so that they can to perfect functioning. Using the best foam rollers will more effectively treat your muscles, low quality foam rollers will not work nearly as well.  This used to be a technique that was only used by health care professionals, therapists, elite athletes and coaches but recently this has also been introduced to the general public and foam rollers have blown up in popularity ever since.

Types of Foam Rollers

Foam rollers are fairly simple in nature, they are simply cylinder shaped objects that can roll over a surface so that one can apply pressure to the body easily. However, there are different types of foam rollers, they differ in firmness, size, material and hardness. Every kind will give a different feeling and experience to the user.

  • Soft foam rollers

As their title says these are pretty soft and aren’t nearly as painful as the other types but they also provide less pressure and thus less release of muscle tension and trigger points. These are usually pretty cheap and many people buy them for their first foam roller. These are often colored white. Good for beginners mostly.

High density medium foam rollers are the market standard and they are usually made out of closed cell polyethylene foam or EVA foam. A twist is that the foam used in these rollers is very dense, so despite being made out of a soft material they are still pretty hard and can apply strong pressure all over the body. There are two different types, some of them have equal density all over but there are also some which have a ‘hard core’ but softer outside. The ones that are softer on the outside are recommended for beginners as they aren’t as painful. Also includes PVC foam rollers which have a PVC core and high density exterior.

  • Hard foam rollers

These are very hard and commonly made out of a form of durable plastic, wood or synthetic material. Mostly grid textured and different patterns exist. They are often more expensive and provide greater pressure on the body but they are also more painful and it will take some time getting used to these.  There are two variations of these, flat and textured. The flat ones are a bit less painful and more useful for beginners. Hard textured foam rollers are very painful when starting out but they also release trigger points more easily and they are better for muscle rolling and advanced users. Muscle rollers are mostly textured.

  • Manual foam rollers

These are a bit different from the other types, commonly small and they are used with your hands. Most of them are quite hard with ridges, but you apply a lot less pressure since you don’t roll over them with your entire body but you simply roll them over the areas you want to massage with your hands.

Foam Roller Benefits

If you don’t know what the foam roller benefits are, you may find out that foam rolling is a revolutionary solution that help you to cure lower back pain, relieves muscle pains, prevents injuries, and much more. Preventing back pain, injuries and stress may seem cureless and absurd without assistance from medical treatment. However, a foam roller benefits the back muscles by strengthening and mobilising the lower back.

You can either get yourself expensive exercise equipment, enroll in a gym, which will cost you a lot of money, or you can be practical and invest in a foam roller instead. There are many known techniques and exercises that you can do with this equipment.

What are the benefits of foam rollers?

Assists the prevention of related injuries

Due to excessive exercise, syndromes such as IT syndrome and other flare-ups begin to occur caused by the over tightening of muscles. Foam rolling benefits when done daily and ensures that with massaging the muscle, fascia build-up can be decreased and the prevention of this will protect the muscle areas from becoming injury trigger points or “knots”. Using 6 – by 18 – inch rollers will help this to occur.

Keeps your flexibility in tact and helps the de-stressing process

One of the main foam rollers benefits is the fact that it promotes a person’s total fitness.  Foam rollers will benefit the length of the hip flexors by combating tightness from sitting or over exercise and assists back pains. Using the foam roller will tend to the damage of the muscles and it will keep flexibility stable.

For old people especially, keeping flexibility is their main option and many people desire not to have prolonging pains as they grow old. Keeping flexibility in tact will assist this process preventing back pain and keeping flexibility in order. The foam roller benefits any prolonging stress. An all body routine on the roller assists the back pain in vast time. If any problems at home are getting ‘too much’ then the foam roller is a nice and relaxing exercise to distress the body and remove any trigger points.

Using 6- by 32-inch rollers will help and also the large rollers are more recommended if helping with flexibility. 15 – by 45 – inch rollers can also be used too. We recommend the elite rollers for this benefit.

Improved blood circulation throughout the skin, muscles and tendons

More efficient exchange of nutrients and wastes at cellular level, a foam roller works the muscles and tendons making them more at ease and less tight. The foam roller will make the user feel more comfortable afterwards and have more energy also as the blood is flowing properly, it’ll assist the prevention of back pain. For this, we recommend a medium size physique foam roller; this will assist the muscles and the tendons and repair them.

 Promotion of optimal spinal range of motion

When slowly rolling the spine against a foam roller, it allows the joints and tissues to stretch out and loosen the trigger points. This will promote the strength of the spine and lower back, making your stature stronger and overall making the body healthier in numerous ways. Using the ‘trigger point performance’ rollers is essential for this as the purpose of this benefit is to mend the trigger points found in the body.

Prevents lower back pain

One great thing about foam roller lower back benefits is the fact that it is a low impact way to workout.  People often have this misconception that for them to grow stronger, they need to use weights.  While lifting really can improve one’s strength, there is always the danger of injury if it is not used properly.  That is not the case with the rollers because you will be using your own weight.  Hence, there is a small chance of damaging your joints and overexerting your muscles.


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