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We all love to have our hair with a salon finish look. To go for tat perfect hairstyle, we all depend on a professional hand that knows how to take that special care without making a mess out of it. Among many other hair care methods, the perfect use of hair dryer gives the final touch to all the effort put together. It is finally the correct use of a hairdryer that will add the required volume, shine, and style. With the basic knowledge of how to use a hairdryer perfectly, you can easily make your own hairstyle your self with no compromise on the quality that a salon visit can promise. Check out our blog post to get the knowledge of how to get the right hair dryer for your hair type and tips on your favourite hair styling.

How To Use Hair Dryer Like a Stylist

There are many types of hair dryer with different features. Hair dryers have evolved a lot in recent years and choosing the right hair dryer can make all the difference in your styling routine. Apart from the basic criteria such as weight, price, power, air flow and accessories there are many other factors like your hair type and new advance technologies need to be examined before choosing the best hair dryer for your need. Read our buying guide to help you choose the right hair dryer.

Hair Dryer Buying Guide

We have reviewed various hair dryers by checking out its features, blow drying power, ease of use and reading customer reviews; and came out with the top five hair dryers available in India.

Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer

Panasonic EH ND52N Hair DryerPanasonic has launched the new EH-ND52N hair dryer model keeping in mind the diversified Indian hair type. You can have any type of gorgeous hair styling which you have been desiring till now, sitting at home with the perfect salon finish style by yourself without being dependent on a professional and reach out to your wallet every time. Rather this one time investment will save you many as it is so reasonably priced. Bring it home now and enjoy this European designed gray hue coloured device with that elegant style and wonderful performance. The Panasonic EH-ND52N Hair Dryer flows at a velocity of 50 miles per hour consuming 1500W of electrical power which is necessary to keep your hair smooth and maintain its lustre. To match its velocity, the air heat rises at a temperature of 220V.
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Remington D5215 Pro-Air Shine Hair Dryer

remington-d5215-hair dryerRemington D5215 Pro Hair Dryer is a professional, lightweight, sleek device that performs efficiently without any effort and gives you a complete blow dry within minutes. Working at 2300 Watts it is packed with a powerful blasting feature that helps you retaining the natural shine and volume to your hair and makes it praise worthy. Crafted with a ceramic-tourmaline grille the device maintains a consistent and evenly spread heat that ensures that no heat spots get created that can damage your hair. It has got that anti-static mechanism that calms down the frizz and which is very useful for managing the hair. All these collectively makes the entire process of drying, fast and you get the desired effects. With 3 heat and 2 speed settings, as well as a cool shot to set styles Remington D5215 Pro-Air Shine Hair Dryer will help to create any look
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Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer

Torlen Tor 179 Hair DryerTorlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer comes with a 3 meter swivel cord, which allows you to place yourself at the most convenient corner at your home while drying and styling your hair. The cord is tangle free which doesn’t take away all your time to set it right. Based on Ceramic technology, which is the ideal one for leaving your hair with luster and shine by retaining the required natural moisture in your hair. The Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer is a reasonably priced ultra modern product that is designed for drying up your hair in almost no time preventing hair fall and other damages caused due to dampness.
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Philips Kerashine HP8216 Hair Dryer

Philips Kerashine HP8216/00 Hair Dryer This hair dryer from Philips would first attract you with its design. Its shining black colour with the lightweight built dries your hair the right way to get you the perfect hairstyle you cherish. It runs on1600W with the built in Even Heat Distribution technology which prevents your hair from overheating and any sort of damage. It keeps drying the hair gently and evenly while maintaining its natural moisture. You can get full control over the temperature with its Thermo Protect temperature feature more gentle drying. Turn on the cool air setting for that extra shine.

Philips Kerashine hair dryer works on Ionic Care technology that makes the hair frizz free and shiny. Ionic It implements anti-static drying to leave it in tangle free condition once it is dry. It is an easy to use handy device with three levels of control to adjust the speed and heat of the dryer, so it can suit other hair types as well. Try it out to go stylized everyday with a salon finish hairstyle.
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Philips HP4940 Hair Dryer

Philips HP4940 Hair DryerPhilips HP4940 hair dryer has a cool look with a compact design which can be easily carried inside your purse to accompany you wherever you need it. To reduce your worry of saving it from any damage, the dryer is packed along with a cool travel pouch especially designed for rigorous usage and carefree handling. It works on dual voltage of 110 – 240 V which is ideal for using it anywhere. There is a rubberized hook in the dryer which is located at the base of the handle. It can be used as an alternative storage option, which is really convenient for using it at home or while a hotel stay. This model from Philips carries the Cool Shot button that provides an intensive burst of cool air which is really useful after you are done with the styling as it gives the right finishing touch and set your hair style for the day.
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The best hair dryer is dependent on your hair care needs. Each person is different with different hair type and thus consider different solutions to keeping those luscious locks healthy and voluminous. Here are some useful links.

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Cheap Hair Dryers in India

Still not sure which hair dryer to buy? Check out below table showing popular hair dryers in India.

Hair Dryer name/model Picture (click to view more details or to purchase)
Brand – Manufacturer name
Wattage – Power consume in watts
Speed settings – Number of speed settings
Rating – Average user rating (out of 5). A helpful statistic in determining if people are satisfied with the Product.
Price – These are approximate price ranges. Since they change frequently based on availability, promotions, and more. For current price click on buying option
Buying Option – Place where hairdryer can be brought online.

Hair DryersBrandWattageCord LengthSpeed SettingsRating Buying Option
Philips HP8100
Philips HP8100
Philips10001.6m24.2Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Philips HP8200
Philips HP8200/00 Hair Dryer
Philips16001.8m64.4Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Panasonic EH-ND11A
Panasonic EH-ND11A Hair Dryer
Panasonic10001.8m24.1Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Vega Go Handy VHDH-04
Vega Go Handy VHDH-04 Hair Dryer
Vega12001.6m23.9Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Braun HD 110
Braun HD 110  Hair Dryer
Braun12002m24.3Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Panasonic EH-ND21
Panasonic EH-ND21  Hair Dryer
Panasonic12001.8m34.1Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Philips HP4944
Philips HP4944 Hair Dryer
Philips16001.8m34.3Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Remington D2400
Remington Hair Dryer
Remington14001.6m24.2Buy On Flipkart
Babyliss D221E
Babyliss D221E Hair Dryer
Babyliss15001.8m33.8Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon
Wahl 05050-024 Max Pro
Wahl 05050-024 Max Pro Hair Dryer
Wahl16001.6m23.9Buy On Flipkart
Buy On Amazon


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