Best Makeup Brush Set in India


Looking for the best makeup brush sets available in India? Well no matter if you’re looking for just a basic makeup brush set or a professional makeup brush set I have them all listed below for you. Hopefully this page will end your search for the best make up brush set once and for all.

How to pick the best makeup brush set.

Some things to consider.

Picking the right set of makeup brushes not only can make applying makeup easier, it can also make it a lot more precise. It can also mean the difference between a life of great makeup days and years of mediocre one. Looking for the best makeup brush set is just as important as the makeup its self. The right brush will apply the makeup evenly and make a more precise and flawless look, Instead of a haphazard mess like when applied in bad or dark lighting.

You must always consider what each brush will be used for, what it will cost you and how well the quality of the makeup brush is. Most makeup brush sets come with brushes for the eyes, lips and face, plus some for the use of eye shadow and eyeliner. Some sets are large and some small depending on the size or brand. A starter set can have only 6 pieces where as a professional set can have as many as 20 pieces or more. So lets look at how to choose the best makeup brush set for your needs.

Are you using a powder base? Most makeup artist prefer to use natural bristles for applying powder. This is because they are usually the softest and fluffy, also they have cuticles like human hair. The benefit of using natural makeup brushes is that they tend to grab and hold pigment better making it easier to apply to the skin. The hairs used are generally goat or pony but the more expensive brands tend to use blue squirrel. But don’t count out synthetic brushes just yet. Some synthetics are real good quality, such as Ecotools. Synthetic makeup brushes are also really good for applying liquids and creams. If you decide to go with synthetic brushes then you may not want to use them for foundation because of blobbing in the area where you first place the coverage. A great alternative to this is to buy a good makeup sponge.

Just get what you need. Its worth noting that its more important to find the right brushes your needs then it is to have a pretty lil set for your vanity. At the very least you should have four brushes. You will want a large brush of applying powder(or a sponge if you go with synthetic) a some what smaller brush that is fluffy for uses such as a bronzer or a highlighter, a brush about the size of your fingertip, and a brush small enough to apply shadow or for smudging and blending. If you prefer to apply a concealer with a brush I recommend you use two, A slick brush that is a ½ inch in with for under eye applications and a small pointy brush for blemishes.

The Shape. For each brush you chose try to make sure that they have a somewhat dome shape. This is best for rolling across the skin and has the least drag. Also look for the fluffiest texture possible for your budget. A fluffy makeup brush will deposit less pigment allowing you to be much more precise.

Buy the best you can afford. A high quality make up brush set can be worth every penny spent, but sometimes people simply just can afford to spend that kind of money. Dont worry about that just pick your budget and read the reviews of the products that fit your needs. Read all of them the good and the bad. Once you have the best makeup brush set you can afford there are just some simple steps you can take to make them last for a long time.

Taking care of your makeup brushes. Each month you want to make sure you clean your makeup brushes to insure that they continue to perform great and last you a long time. A little warm water and some soap is used, then wish the brushes around and rise well. For natural brushes it is recommend to use shampoo as where for synthetics its suggested to use dish soap. After you get them rinsed well you want to blot them with a paper towel. Last step is to lay them down flat until they are dry, do not stand them up to dry because this can cause them to pull out of shape and shed.

There you have it, all the basics u need to help find the best makeup brush set for your needs. Below are some of the top makeup brush sets found on amazon just click the one that you are most interested in and read the reviews to see what others think.

Best Natural Makeup Brush Sets

SHANY Studio Quality Natural Cosmetic Brush Set

This high quality professional grade brushes are handmade all natural goat and badger hair for super soft and silky easy to clean and dry product. Comes with a elegant black folding pouch with velvet interior for easy travel and organization. Each professional-grade brush in this set is made of soft and durable animal hair in a combination of small, angled styles, and larger fans for applying powder, mineral foundation, eye shadow, and more.

BS-MALL Premium Makeup Brush Set

The BS-MALL premium make up brush cosmetic set is a must for those who love make up and want to look good. The set of cosmetic brushes look really professional and stylish which is fab. This 10-piece set includes a foundation brush, powder brush, blush and bronzer brush, concealer brush, flat-angled brush, stipple brush, eyeshadow brush, angled contouring brush, tapered contouring brush, and flat angled concealer brush, so you’ll have everything you need for any makeup look. The bristles are very soft and gentle on the face. They have a great modern look to them and would be ideal in a professional salon.

Shany Cosmetics Shany Professional Cosmetic Brush 13-piece Set with Pouch
The SHANY 13 Piece Cosmetic Brush Set comes with various soft and silky brushes for makeup application. This is a great starter set for makeup novices. It comes with powder, foundation, blush, eye shadow, concealer, lip, and brow brushes. Even tho this 13 piece set isn’t all synthetic it is diffidently worth posting and is a great starter set. This Cosmetic Brush Set provides a complete assortment of brushes for makeup applications. The brushes come with a handy organizer pouch. Quality and affordability has made this set globally well known. SHANY 12pc set is great for makeup beginners and whom do not want to break the bank for the flawless application.


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