Creating The Beautiful Smoky Eye Look


The smoky eye look is the perfect look for special occasions. This can include special date night, special parties, and times when a woman just wants to look extremely beautiful. However, some women may be afraid to attempt this look. They may fear that it is hard look to achieve or that they would silly try to achieve it. The fact is that the look is easy to produce and no woman could ever look anything but gorgeous when she tries out this look.
smoky eye
First, to create this look, one will need the essential tools. These tools include the following:

  • Mascara
  • Champagne shadow
  • Gray shadow
  • Matte Blue eyes shadow
  • Glimmery brown eye pencil
  • Mint eye shadow
  • Four clean eye brushes
  • Q tips

To create this look, one should follow the following steps in order:

Step One:

Apply a thin coat of mascara on the both the bottom and lower eye lashes. Apply a coat of the champagne shadow all over the top lids. Gently and precisely, apply a coat of gray shadow along the upper lash line and along the crease line of the lid. Try your best to avoid the center of the lid.

Step Two:

Apply the gray shadow to the outer two-thirds of your bottom lash. You will want to do this in an upward extension. This will help make your eyes appear bigger.

Step Three:

Sweep the blue shadow (which should be matte in type) to the upper eye lid to the crease line. You should also add this blue shadow on top of the gray shadow on your bottom lash. Do not add any of the blue shadow to the inner corner of the eye area, of the bottom lash. Use a Q tip to soften the edges and help blend in the blue and gray colors.

Step Four:

A glimmer brown pencil can be used to trace the top and bottom lashes. You should smudge the pencil in between each lash, to help make the eyes look fuller.

Step Five:

The last step involving eye shadow should include applying a tiny bit of mint shadow to the corner of each eye. Blend this shadow with a brush to soften the look. Finally, add a small layer of mascara to both the top and bottom lashes to add more volume and definition to your look.

Now you are ready for a night on the town and any type of event.


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