Hand-held Nebulizers Ideal when you’re on the go!

Omron Hand-held Nebulizer

If you are traveling or spend most of the time at home, then hand-held nebulizer machine will work wonders for you. Read the article below to find out about the functioning of such machine. Many people who suffer from respiratory diseases, such as asthma may need the help of a device, known as nebulizer. These are also known as mist nebulizer machines, because this machine converts liquid into mist and directly transfers the medication into the lungs. There are many types of nebulizers.

Most of them have to be connected to an electronic socket, if you are at home. However, what would happen if you get an attack, while you are stuck somewhere far away from home? What about those times, when you do not have electric power at home?

Portable Machines

In this case, there is an option  in the form of Hand-held Nebulizer Machine, which is entirely portable and mostly charged by batteries. All your problems are eliminated and these can truly help you out, in emergency situations. With these machines, you do not have to stay at home and take your medication. You can do that, while you’re sitting in the bus or when you’re at office. If you experience any asthma symptoms, be sure to charge your batteries, when you’re leaving for your office, so that you can ensure easy breathing, when you are outside of your house.

Since they are quite small, portable and compact, these are also known as micro neutralizers. Such nebulizers will also ensure that the taking of the medication can occur at timings, which are convenient for the schedule of a person, and he/she will not be dependent at all. Just take out 10 to 15 minutes out of your busy schedule and take the medication. If your child has respiratory problems, you will not have to adjust your schedule because of your child. Take him along and the device, of course and just help him breathe, by giving the medication at the prescribed timings.

Types of Handheld Nebulizer

There are two major types of handheld nebulizers. These include Jet Nebulizers and Ultrasonic Nebulizer. Jet nebulizers are further divided into three types. The most common type is known as constant output and the other one is known as breath-enhanced jet nebulizer. The third type is the dosimetric jet nebulizer. These three type work differently in the way the mist is released, when the patient inhales.

Hand held nebulizer combination needs smooth and efficient functioning, in order for the patient to get better. The handheld portable devices are a great way for dealing with emergency situations. Patients can lead active lifestyles. Such medical advancements have, undoubtedly created a change in the lifestyles of many people. Now, these people do not have to remain restricted to their house, or go to a nearby hospital to get the treatment. You will find different ultrasonic nebulizers, with different brand names and various prices. You need to choose the right one for yourself. If your child is on nebulizer, you can find special child nebulizers, as well!

Care of your Nebulizer

Maintenance of the nebulizer is quite necessary. You need to keep it charged at all times, so you will not find yourself in the middle of the treatment, and find that it does not work properly. You also need to clean the nebulizer to ensure that there is no mold growth in the nebulizer. You need to rinse and air dry the mouth piece after each treatment. At the end of the day, always clean the nebulizer mouthpiece with warm and soapy water. Every fortnight, always wash the nebulizer with vinegar and water solution or a disinfectant. It is very important to prevent mold growth, because it ruins the functioning of the nebulizer. Always ensure that you clean the nebulizer in a dust free room and leave it open to the air.



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