Home remedies to cure ugly dark circles under the eyes


Black circles or Dark circles are rarely caused by temporal circumstances and are really difficult to treat as compared to bags under the eyes. This problem is often due to the combination of the following: chronic stress, lack of enough sleep, menstrual disorders, poor diet, pregnancy and other medications. For some other people, dark circles under the eye are caused by hereditary factors. Allergies and sensitivity to particles is another factor responsible for this problem.

In some instances, black or dark circles can be eliminated. According to some Chinese perspective, kidneys and adrenal glands are connected to each other. If therefore, there is an imbalance in kidney energy due to for instance chronic stress, lack of enough sleep or poor diet can lead to Kidney Qi Deficiency. When this happens, other symptoms such as fatigue, adrenal exhaustion will accompany dark circles under the eyes. If this is the case, you are advised to see your doctor for advice on certain foods you might discontinue due to their contributing to this problem.


Some of the symptoms of this problem include Dark coloration of the skin under the eyes, Tiredness due to stress or lack of sleep may also be felt if fatigue is the cause. Puffiness under the eye can also be caused by this condition.


  1. Nutrition, poor diet
  2. Severe sleep problems
  3. Medications
  4. Stress
  5. Exposure to sun
  6. Dark circles can be through hereditary
  7. Pregnancy and Menstruation
  8. asthma, eczema ,Allergies,
  9. Aging – blood vessels below the skin get more visible with thinning due to aging
  10. Adrenal exhaustion
  11. People from African or Asian decency are more likely to develop dark circles
  12. Chinese Medicine(Kidney energetic deficiency )

Conventional Treatment

  • This condition can be treated conventionally through:
  • Vasoconstriction creams: For dark circles due to thin skin
  • Light therapy, laser and bleaching techniques: For dark circles due to pigmentation.

Self Help & Complementary Care

A Chinese formula known as Purple-Gold Formula can be used to reduce the darkness under the eyes. This formula is a combination of four Chinese herbs: Lithospermum, Licorice, Dong Gui and Coiix as well as vitamin E. Confessions from one customer who used this product, this product is actually very effective. The experience narrated by this customer is as follows: after a long journey looking for a medication to this dark circles under the eye, this customer found out that there was no significant improvement to the eyes even after using other products in the market.

Advice from friends was that problem was a result of moon face and all would go well once moon face will disappear. However, there was good news for this customer who got healed within a period of two days after using few drops of Purple Gold Formula. It big shock because this product goes for as little as $18 dollars compared to huge amount of cash charged by purchasing other creams and ointments.

Important Recommendations

  • Traditionally in Chinese culture, Lithospermum is used as a medicine to cool blood, eliminate toxins from the skin and stimulate circulation of blood,
  • Licorice is strongly considered to be an anti-allergic, expectorant, anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritic.
  • The usage of Dong Gui is good in helping the body to eliminate excess fluid in the eyes (retained by tissues around the eye).
  • Vitamin E is good ingredients for their role in helping the body to cleanse the system of free radicals and remove toxins.
  • Traditionally in the Chinese culture, “Six Ingredient Pill” is considered as a medical formulation that helps the proper functioning of the kidneys.

Home Remedies

  • Creams: use eye creams because they contain natural vasoconstrictors such as agrimony
  • Sleep: sleep enough every day
  • Diet: ensure diet is a plant-based diet, whole-foods, and drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and caffeinated soft drinks. These will ensure your have prevented yourself from other conditions such as wrinkles.
  • Don’t smoke
  • Use sunscreen when outside
  • Stress management: management of stress is another simple but difficult thing you need to make sure that you have minimized from your life


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