Itchy Lips: Symptoms, Causes & Home Remedies


Itchy lips may be regarded as a lip problem that makes the lips appear cracked and swollen. The dryness of lips may also sometimes cause an itchy effect on your lips. Itchy lips cause a sense of irritation over your lips and sometimes may also begin to bleed, give a burning sensation and may simply cause irritation and an itching effect.

This is one of the most common lip problems which usually occur in both children and adults due to negligence of lip care and also due to various other reasons which are mentioned below:

Causes of Itchy lips:

1) Allergies: itchy lips may develop when a person is allergic to a certain kind of food or chemical compounds. The consumption of such food compounds which generally includes milk products, peanuts, corn, nut, fish, soy and eggs may negatively react over the person’s lips and might cause itchy lips.

2) Reactions: reaction to certain chemicals used in various cosmetic products such as lipsticks, chap sticks, lip gloss and lip liners may result in itchy lips.
It may also occur as a result of the reaction to an insect bite.

3) Infections: itchy lips may also be caused due to upper respiratory tract conditions, such Kawasaki syndrome and herpes simplex stomatitis.

4) Sun poisoning: one can feel the effect of itchiness on lips due to the exposure to the sunlight which is called as sun poisoning. Sunlight can sometimes cause an allergic reaction on the lips which results in dried, cracked and itchy lips.

5) Vitamin Deficiency: the deficiency of vitamins in the body can also cause itchy lips. The deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body results in redness and itchiness of lips.

6) Vitamin A Toxicity: the toxicity of vitamin leads to itchy, cracked and dried lips. But usually in this case, lips are not affected alone; the entire skin is likely to get affected.

7) Dry Weather Conditions: itchy lips may also result due to cold and dry weather conditions. In such weather the moisture quickly evaporates from the surface of the lips leaving them dry and itchy.

8) Physical trauma: the trauma caused by the use of dentures causes irritation and results in itchy lips.

9) Cancer: oral cancer may also be regarded as one of the reasons of itchy lips, but it is also accompanied by sores, redness and bleeding in case it appears as a symptom of oral cancer.

Symptoms and Signs:

  • Development of hives on the underside of lips.
  • Redness of the lips.
  • Scaly or itchy lips.
  • Swelling of the surface of the lips.
  • Hives on the lips.
  • Dried lips.

Itchy lips occur due to allergies in about 2 to 4 hours immediately after the consumption of the food substance that you are allergic to. In case of an infection, such as the herpes simplex infection, itchy lips occur as a sign of initial reactions and in some cases of infection it appears 6 to 48 hours before the infection, in the form of cold sores.


Itchy lips are uncomfortable and cause irritation but can be treated by following few simple methods of treatment, which includes:

a) Antibiotics and antimicrobial creams can be used to treat itchy lips, if it is caused due to infection.

b) Antihistamines and anti-allergy medications are recommended in case of severe allergies, while one should stay away from foods that cause allergy in case of mild allergic reactions that cause itchy lips.

c) Vitamin B supplements and foods rich in vitamin B should be consumed in cased if the cause of itchy lips is the deficiency of vitamin B.

d) The use of cosmetic products must be minimized to avoid any reactions.

e) The lips must be kept moisturized in dry and cold weather conditions, by applying petroleum jelly in order to avoid the dryness of lips which further leads to itchy lips.

f) A sunscreen must be used in order to avoid the exposure of lips to the sun which results in itchy lips.

Itchy lips are extremely uncomfortable and cause irritation to the sufferer, but can be easily cured if proper care is taken by following these few simple techniques. Moisturizing of lips is extremely essential and is the key to cure all lip problems, therefore one should always keep lips moisturized using natural remedies and must minimize the use of cosmetic products for the same purpose.


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