Remington D5000 Hair Dryer Review


Now you can take full control of your frizzy hair with the latest Remington’s D-5000 Chrome Hair-dryer, an easy to handle compact unit that is immensely powerful yet lightweight. With this dryer you experience quick and easy drying as well as salon finish styling. It’s Ionic technology works on conditioning the hair to give it the perfect anti-static shine. Ensuring a cumulative effect of its high performance motor and the fan, it also works with its Eco-option with a a speed limit and heat settings which saves energy. Simultaneously it continues drying your hair with care.
Remington D5000 Hair Dryer
Remington’s D-5000 Chrome Hair dryer comes with a host of great features like,
Ionic Conditioning
Because of the Ionic Conditioning adds lustre and extra shine to your hair.

Energy saving Eco Setting
Using Remington D-5000 Chrome Hair dryer also takes care of the ecology. Its Eco-setting if set on the medium speed, rather than the high one, it will save power.

2 Speed/3 Heat Settings
With 2 speed and 3 heat settings Remington’s D-5000 Chrome Hair dryer helps you to add style while it dries your hair with comfort and ease with its ability to keep altering the heat and speed.

The built in Concentrator in this hair dryer dries up your hair and adds style to each section of your hair within minutes. This concentrator needs to be used specially when you need a quick drying.

Removable Rear Grille
The removable rear grille is easy to clean and maintain and thus it prolongs its lifespan.

Hang-up loop
This dryer comes with a rubberised hook, that is easy to store at home and also during tours and travels.

1876 watt power
The dryer needs 1876 watt of power to run its high performance task of beautifying and stylizing your hair.


very small, lightweight, powerful, dual control (temperature and speed) dryer; this one is all those things and easy to handle as well. Excellent product at a great price.


Some users found trouble with its electrical wiring which needs to be checked before the purchase.


So if you are all set to get yourself a manageable and glamorous hair-do while on the move, you can go easy with the Remington D5000 Hair Dryer model. With this dryer you are assured of smooth and beautiful hair tresses and you can become the centre of attention whenever you are outdoor. The D5000 hair dryer is definitely an easy to use gadget that runs on different heat settings like cool, medium or high. To get the most perfect styling done, select the setting that suits you the best.

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