Remington D5015 Hair Dryer Review


Now you can get salon finish hair with Remington D5015 Hair Dryer. Designed to style your hair the way you want this hair dryer would give you the result. Remington D5015 Pro 2100 Dryer is a professional, lightweight, sleek device that performs efficiently without any effort and gives you a complete blow dry within minutes. Working at 2100 Watts it is packed with a powerful blasting feature that helps you retaining the natural shine and volume to your hair and makes it praise worthy.
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Crafted with a ceramic-tourmaline grille the device maintains a consistent and evenly spread heat that ensures that no heat spots get created that can damage your hair. It has got that anti-static mechanism that calms down the frizz and which is very useful for managing the hair. All these collectively makes the entire process of drying, fast and you get the desired effects.

Key Features
Remington D5015 Hair Dryer has got a handful of useful features that makes it one of the best pick.

Concentrator nozzle
It has a sophisticated Concentrator Nozzle for the Cool Shot. With this concentrator nozzle the user can dry the hair par by part and go for styling it with ease.

Ceramic Tourmaline
The dryer has is it the Ceramic Tourmaline which that distributes the heat evenly which is generated by the hair dryer, and this is to prevent the device from those damaging heat spots. Moreover, this technology also helps in drying the hair with more speed.

3 heat and 2 speed levels
This hair dryer has the option of setting the heat in 3 levels and the speed in 2 levels. So it can be adjusted according o h hair type it is being used for.

Pro Ionic Conditioning
It features Pro Ionic Conditioning embedded in its technology that reduces frizz while adding a extra shine to your hair.

The Cool Shot
This hair dryer is equipped with the cool shot button which goes a steep ahead in reducing the frizz further and thus helps yin maintaining the hairstyle you make for a pretty long time.

A Removable and easy to clean Rear Grille
The Rear Grille is removable which is made for easy cleaning and thus increases the lifespan of the appliance.

Hang-up loop
There is a hang-up loop which is attached to this hair dryer that gives in easy storage. It makes it handy if you need to pause the dying for few minutes and keep it easily accessible when you are in hurry.

Ergonomic and Lightweight Design
Ergonomic and Lightweight in design, Remington D5015 Hair Dryer makes it is easy for handling and carriage.

The dryer is packed in an attractive box within which you find the dryer, the concentrator attachment, and a very short instruction booklet that guides you through. It weighs light in the hand, but at the same time quite sturdy and well made. It can also make a good gift item because of its attractive package.

The Cable is too short. and makes quite a loud noise while drying. The diffuser isn’t a tight fit and quite difficult to put back.

The Remington D5015 Hair Dryer is overall a product of quite good thought and care. It does its job perfectly, and is suitable for all hair types because of its heat and speed settings. It gives you the same styling effect but without a visit to the salon.

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