Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer Review


Now you can get rid of the time consuming process of drying out the excess water and moisture that can cause severe damage to your hair . Try out the latest model of the high precision Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer, will take only a couple of minutes to finish this task. And this time you won’t need to look for any professional help and spend those extra bucks to set your hair exactly the way you want. That really saves a lot in respect of time, money and energy. The Torlen TOR 179 hair dryer is a reasonably priced ultra modern product that is designed for drying up your hair in almost no time preventing hair fall and other damages caused due to dampness.
Torlen Tor 179 Hair Dryer

Key Features:

The dryer comes with a 3 meter swivel cord, which allows you to place yourself at the most convenient corner at your home while drying and styling your hair. The cord is tangle free which doesn’t take away all your time to set it right. Based on Ceramic technology, which is the ideal one for leaving your hair with lustre and shine by retaining the required natural moisture in your hair.

The dryer needs n 2000-watt to run. You can adjust among its double speed settings along with 3 heat settings, which sets your hair to the perfect style as it dries your hair as per your convenience and comfort. You can choose a higher heat setting , as well as a low one to get a hairstyle that suits the best for your hair type. It also has the cool shot button as an alternative to the hot air blow. The AC motor is quite durable and they give you a 2-year warranty from the date you have purchased this product. For easy storage use its Hang-up Loop that makes it easily accessible. To protect the dryer from unnecessary hair and dust deposits, use the Removable Filter when you need to clean it up to prolong the lifespan of the device.


The Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer has a good feedback from the users for its consistently good performance. The double speed settings along with three temperature settings made it even more useful for every hair type. It really saves your hair caused from either dampness or heat damage and if you want to feel relaxed you can always choose the cool shot button. Its Hot air blow works better for styling. There the two concentrators take care of the easy styling for both thin and thicker parts of the hair. All these it does really quick and thanks to the 3m long tangle free cord which minimizes the trouble of coordinating the with the perfect angle to hold.


The Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer has one major drawback which is the weight. It feels too heavy to hold it up in thee same angle while drying the hair. The other one is its size which doesn’t make it the right choice as a travel pick up.


But overall Torlen TOR 179 Hair Dryer is a good product apart from being a little bulky stuff as it carries all thee necessary technology which suits all hair type and it is doing a good job in really short time. It saves a lot of time while stopping the ‘bad hair day’ problem once for all. Undoubtedly it is worth the price and one of the best choice for your hair.

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